Daily cleaning is not enough to keep our toilets clean. In the case of urinals and toilets we should be more careful because these places are sources of bacteria and fungi which increase the risk of infection, deposits of scale and lime and therefore unpleasant smells.  

The formation of these deposits, eventually can clog pipes, producing in some important cases obstructions that they can not be eliminated by the drain.

Murcia Hygiene has a sophisticated system of bacteriostatic capable of eliminating the proliferation of microorganisms and deposits of lime and scale, destroying all this contaminated material providing  a pleasant  clean and fresh cleaning.

The bacteriostatic of Murcia Hygiene is installed in urinals and toilets: it has a modern and ergonomic design and thanks to our powerful disinfectant and its programmer it prevents the growth and development of bacteria and microorganisms, providing clean and fresh environments.