Biological formulation facing other products


In a traditional way, the solutions adopted for the problems of accumulation of organic residues have been based on the use of corrosive chemicals, emulsifiers, etc..


These products can turn into liquid the residue but they do not eliminate it completely, so it moves downstream in the drain line, and finally it will solidify.


Nowadays, there are products on the market that assure a total elimination of organic waste, many of which are based on formulations with enzymes.


The effectiveness of enzyme products depends on the environmental conditions and the chemicals products. Enzymes can´t reproduce or multiply, but they can be destroyed by high temperatures, extreme PH and certain chemicals.


The main disadvantage of cleaners with enzymes is that although they can break waste, they don’t absorb them completely, requiring that the final disposal of waste is through an additional mechanical or physical action.


In contrast to all this, we present our biological formulations, containing a high concentration of bacteria specifically selected for their ability to absorb fats, oils, organic solids.





These microorganisms multiply and increase in number, and they are well adapted to the environmental conditions variants, and they are activated when they come into contact with organic material.

The absorption of the waste is complete, so it doesn´t need any final physical mechanism, and also generates as final products, non-polluting substances. Therefore our formulas do a much more efficient job.