Fleas are a health concern because they are in almost all over the world.

They parasitize birds and mammals, including human-beings, and they abound in rodents, acting as carriers and transmitters of diseases.

These are small, flat from side to side, are black or black brown. Their back legs are adapted for jumping. His mouth can pierce the skin and suck blood.

Recognition and control

Its body is hard, is covered with hairs and spines in backward direction and this helps you to move easily through the hair and feathers.

The control should be done with one chemical treatment both in exteriors as interiors of infected areas.

Outdoors to prevent re-infestation of specimens that could be outside and indoors in a more comprehensive manner.

Interior infested areas should be inspected to determine if an aspiration may be appropriate in certain areas.

In general they tend to be applied by spraying all surfaces with insecticides products that act by contact getting a total mortality.

In case of severe infestations  it is usually combined the use of Biorational products to prevent the development of any larvae that could hatch.