Special carpets without logo

These carpets withstand very heavy weight due to their special threads intertwined and capacious scraping to remove dirt and mud from the soles with a 87% of dust absorption.
We have a wide range of colors.

Carpets for heavy passage
It is a carpet made of intertwined PVC thread.
The sand and dirt is dragged from shoes by strands and falls through the carpet inside then the surface remains clean all the time.


Carpets with pvc base

With different models that are adapted to the conditions of use.

Suitable to protect surfaces that undergo strong aggression from dirt and damp.

It controls damp and keeps surfaces free from water rain and mud.

Scraping capacity. It acts as thousands of small brushes that remove dirt and dust from the soles, leaving dirt trapped inside the carpet.
Easy maintenance it only has to be vacuumed periodically.


The alternative to the aluminum mat

You can integrate it easily in all kinds of environment and any form, creating a uniform barrier of smart finish where the quality is obvious. Ability to remove and retain dirt and absorb water.

Carpet of great ideal hardness for frequent passage, with knots design that allows a brushed effect.
Its hair is not crushed.
Available in light coconut  (Brown) and anthracite (grey) color.