It is a generic term used to refer to the control of arthropods, including insects (Ant, cockroach), Arachnids (spiders, mites), crustacea (sowbugs) and myriapods (centipedes, exotic insects).

Different techniques of application, biocide products and equipment protection and machinery, which combines different active substances and its presentation (gel, emulsifier liquid, lacquers, powder, etc.) are used for control and elimination of pests.
Biocide l products used in these treatments are known with the name of insecticides that are capable of producing death by contact, inhalation or poisoning.
The application techniques are different depending on the plague to be treated and the period of security that we have, always trying to produce the least possible environmental damage.


Fumigations against cockroach

We use last generation gels or traditional techniques of spraying and nebulizing.

Fumigations against wasps

Techniques of extraction or direct spray to the wasps nest or nebulizing are used.

Fumigation of flea, Bedbug, louse or tick.

Nebulizer and spraying techniques are combined.
And respectively with mites, spiders, mosquitoes and flies.
Each pest and According to the circumstances a plan of control is made for each plague by our team of qualified technicians.