How does it work?

It works according to the principle of bioremediation using natural organisms, in this case bacteria, the unwanted waste become harmless, non-dangerous substances.

In what facilities can I use it?

In all types of drainage lines (drains lines, sinks, dishwashers, wash basins, sinks of soil... etc.), lift stations / pumping, inner and outside grease traps, septic tanks... etc.

In general, are the microorganisms harmful for human beings or animals?

The microorganisms have been tested and they are not pathogenic for human beings and animals under normal conditions.

Can it damage the facilities in which it is applied?

Contrary to products containing caustic, it does not damage the facilities in which it is applied.

What residual elements has it got?

It is a completely natural product without chemical compounds or additive enzymes, remaining for a period of time in the installation but without generating any kind of negative impact to the environment.

Why should you use it?

Because it is a PRACTICAL, EFFECTIVE AND RESPECTFUL solution with the environment.